Legal services

Specialized Attention in Tax and Administrative Reviews

Attention, advice and monitoring of the supervisory procedures carried out by the SAT, IMSS, State Government and different agencies, in order to know if the actions of public officials comply with the legal regulations established for said purposes and to know the possible procedural defects in which they would be incurring in the exercise of said powers of verification.

Comprehensive Legal Advice for Companies

Attention, advice and consulting on legal matters that are typical of formally established companies, such as: corporate law, labor law, civil and commercial law, tax and administrative law. Identify and assess existing risks in companies and seek to prevent future risks.

Added Value to the Workers of your Company

Grant workers, as a benefit or extra-legal benefit, the possibility of having legal advice in family and civil matters. Encourage its workers, through appropriate legal advice, to prevent or address possible legal problems of the company’s employees.

Social Books Update

The updating of corporate books, such as: book of assembly minutes, capital changes, partners, board meetings and any other company book, is an unavoidable compliance obligation, especially in tax matters. Its purpose is to comply with applicable legal provisions and avoid fines and administrative sanctions.

Attention to Labor Claims

It consists of proposing a defense on behalf of the company against claims made by workers. Legal defense, according to the needs and possibilities of the company.

Preparation of Civil and Commercial Contracts

The preparation of all types of contracts and agreements, both civil and commercial in nature, such as: sale, lease, loan, exchange, transfer of rights, commission, current account and various agreements. It provides the security that your interests will be safeguarded and avoids possible capital leaks and the generation of unnecessary risks due to the lack of good planning in your contracts.

Labor Audit

The review of the company’s current labor structure, to assess whether it is complying with all labor obligations imposed by law and, where appropriate, assess its deficiencies and possible labor risks.

Compliance with Obligations Regarding Foreign Investment

It consists of registration in the national registry of foreign investments, as well as quarterly reports and annual renewal of registration, which are legal obligations that a company with share capital of foreign origin must comply with.

Attention to Civil and Commercial Lawsuits

The attention to civil and commercial lawsuits that are filed against companies to avoid convictions by courts, without the company having exercised a defense.

Tax Defense

Structure of the means of challenge (revocation appeal, annulment trial and amparo trial) with which the determined tax credits and other resolutions issued by the tax authorities (SAT, IMSS, INFONAVIT) to companies with the purpose of avoiding the imposition of tax credits and the collection of them with the assets and money of the companies.

Scope of our certification in ISO 9001:2015

Professional Audit and tax services, for financial and tax purposes.