Legal Services

Specialized attention in fiscal and administrative reviews

Attention, advising and follow ups for the fiscal procedures exercised by the SAT, IMSS, state government and various agencies, in order to determine if the actions of the public officials conform to the legal standards established for such purpose and to identify possible procedural errors which would incur in the exercise of such verification powers.

Integral Legal Advising for Companies

Attention, advising and consulting in legal matters that are specific to formally established companies, such as: corporate law, labor law, civil and commercial law, tax and administrative law. Identify and assess the existent risks in the company and prevention of future risks.

Added value to the company employees

Grant workers a benefit or extra-legal provision, the possibility of having a legal counsel in familiar and civil matters. Incentivize their workers through the proper legal counseling to prevent or attend to their legal problems.

Corporate Books Update

Updates to the corporate books such as: Assembly acts minutes book, changes in capital partners, of council meetings and any other book of the company, is an inescapable compliance duty, especially in tax matters. The aim is to comply with applicable legal obligations and to avoid the imposition of fines and administrative sanctions.

Attention to Labor Law Suits

This consists of establishing a defense on behalf of the company to the claims made by the workers. Legal defense according to the needs and possibilities of the company.

Development of Civil and Commercial Contracts

The crafting of all types of contracts and agreements, both of civil and commercial nature, such as: sale, lease, loan, exchanges and transfer of rights, commission, current account and miscellaneous agreements. This brings the peace of mind that our client’s interests will be safeguarded and that possible capital outflows and generation of unnecessary risks due to lack of proper planning in their contracts will be avoided.

Labor Auditing

Review of the current company structure in labor matters in order to evaluate the compliance of the obligations established by the labor laws and assessment of the gaps and possible risks.

Fulfillment of obligations in foreign investment matters

Registration in the national registry of foreign investments, as well as the quarterly reports and annual renewal of registration, which are legal obligations to be fulfilled by a company with foreign investment common stock.

Attention to Civil and Commercial Lawsuits

The attention to civil and commercial lawsuits against the company in order to avoid a sentence imposition to the company by the civil courts to pay amounts of money claimed by civil and commercial matters without presenting a defense.

Fiscal Defense

Structure of the appeal challenge (motion for reconsideration, nullification, lawsuit and injunction) which will dispute certain tax credits and other resolutions issued by the tax authorities (SAT, IMSS, INFONAVIT) to the companies in order to avoid tax credits and collection of the same with goods and money of the company.

Scope of our certification in ISO 9001: 2015

Audit and tax professional services, for financial and fiscal purposes.