Tax services

Annual and Provisional Federal and State Tax Returns

It consists of the correct preparation in the determination to comply with fiscal obligations both monthly and annually, offering peace of mind before the Mexican tax authorities, since the determination of the taxes that correspond to your company are presented correctly and in a timely manner. Additionally, a shield is generated by verifying the obligations that are linked to its main tax obligations to avoid the generation of incongruent information sent by the Internet portal of the Secretary of Tax Administration.

Refunds and Compensation of Balances in Favor of Taxes

It consists of optimizing the tax burden to which you are obliged when operating in national territory, since it is your right to request the return of your credit balances, or compensation for them. By making requests for both refund and/or compensation of credit balances, you are optimizing your liquidity resources so as not to decapitalize your organization. This service generates peace of mind by knowing that your credit balances will be recovered, and above all, avoiding at all times the prescription or expiration of the right that you have to recover those amounts.

Value Added Tax Declarations

It consists of the intervention of a public accountant certified by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) whose purpose is to support you to recover your balances in favor of the Value Added Tax that you have in your favor. Refunds of this tax are presented with greater opportunity, giving your company liquidity to meet the expenses of day-to-day operations. The recovery of your credit balances is carried out in the shortest possible time.

High Planning and Fiscal Reengineering

It consists of the analysis of your tax regime, your business operations, as well as the review of your total obligations to redirect and optimize your financial resources under various alternatives, through treaties, favorable administrative resolutions applicable to your company. With this service, the maximization of your wealth is achieved, through the optimization of your tax burdens.

Tax Consulting

It consists of advising on any doubt or concern about the interpretation of tax provisions on specific and real facts applicable to your company. This service creates legal security regarding the management and definition of the application of laws on your legal business acts that occur inside and outside national territory. At the same time, you manage to avoid economic sanctions for errors that occurred in the correct determination of your taxes as well as the fulfillment of your various obligations, generating peace of mind and security in compliance with your tax obligations and the optimization of your resources by having a security policy. preventive and not corrective in nature.

Analysis of the Tax Repercussions in: Mergers, Spin-Offs, Acquisitions, Disposals, Consolidation, Leasing and Transfer of Assets, Dividend Distribution and Capital Reductions

It consists of carefully delving into the analysis of any of these operations carried out by your company to ensure that each and every one of the tax provisions that regulate these events that you may carry out have been taken into account. The objective is to know in advance the circumstances of these events to consider previously carrying out some legal or commercial movement in order to optimize tax burdens, representing considerable savings for your company.

Issuance of Opinions on the Application of Tax Laws

It consists of the study of one or several operations that your company carries out and in the event of any doubt or uncertainty, a detailed report is prepared on the fiscal impact of your operation under various laws that may be applicable. It provides the security that you are fully complying with the tax provisions that apply to you, and that they will be aligned with the interpretation of the tax collection authority.

Confirmation of Criteria before the Tax Authorities

It consists of direct consultation with the tax authority about a specific operation that is not duly regulated in tax legislation and that is applicable to your company. It provides security that the consultation will be duly founded on the application that the authority considers should be appropriate for your company.

Application of International Treaties in Tax Matters

The operation you have with your related party is analyzed in depth in order to give it the correct meaning and application in tax matters appropriately, in accordance with the corresponding tax provisions. The use of tax rates lower than those indicated in the various tax laws is achieved and the taxes paid in our country are credited against the tax of which you are a resident in tax matters. Your corporate abroad will have the peace of mind that you are working on a basis classified as an international operation, and that only a single tax will be paid for said operation.

Accounting Expertise before the Tax Courts

This service is highly recommended when you are involved in a tax dispute before any tax collection authority, so based on the analysis and diagnosis of the information, you will be issued a detailed report on whether you correctly applied the tax provisions that were imposed on you. are applicable. Additionally, this opinion is a double check on the way in which you interpret the corresponding tax provision.

Diagnosis of Tax Obligations

It consists of the delivery of a detailed report of the total of your tax obligations that you must be complying with in a timely manner periodically. It helps to promptly detect any lack of attention in order to act preventively and avoid unnecessary inconvenience and financial penalties. Your collaborators will little by little learn to act in a preventive way of working, attending to all of their tax obligations.

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Professional Audit and tax services, for financial and tax purposes.